How does it work in practice? How is the theoretical knowledge applied? The motto is, 'Get out of the University'. Excursions into the private sector once or twice in a semester where our members enjoy the opportunity to discover new perspectives and a taste of practical experience. You can get a first impression of the working world of large companies here, and maybe make the first contacts. The excursion is clearly one of the highlights of the semester. 


Year 2019/2020

Hermes Fulfillment (WS 19) Haldensleben
BMW Production Facilities (WS 19) Leipzig
DHL Hub (WS 19) Leipzig

Year 2018/2019

Porsche Production Facilities (SS 19) Leipzig
Amazon Logistics Facilities (SS 19) Leipzig
Porsche Production Facilities (WS 18) Leipzig
Hermes fulfillment  (WS 18) Haldensleben


Year 2017/2018

BMW (WS 17) Leipzig
Harry bread (WS 17) Magdeburg
Hermes (WS 17) Haldensleben


Year 2016/2017

Abtshof Magdeburg (SS 17) Magdeburg
Salzgitter AG (SS 17) Salzgitter
MAN (SS 17) Salzgitter
K + S KALI GmbH (SS 17) Zielietz
Leipzig Airport (WS 16) Leipzig


Year 2015/2016

BMW (SS 16) Leipzig
Harry bread (SS 16) Magdeburg
Hermes (WS 15) Haldensleben
Schuberth helmets (WS 15) Magdeburg
VW (WS 15) Wolfsburg


Year 2014/2015

MVB (SS 15) Magdeburg
MAN (SS 15) Salzgitter
Absthof (SS 15) Magdeburg
BMW (WS 14) Leipzig
Euroglass (WS 14) Haldensleben
DHL (WS 14) Leipzig


Year 2013/2014

Wasserburg zu Gommern (SS 14) Gommern
DHL (SS 14) Leipzig
Hamburg Airport (SS 14) Hamburg
Port of Hamburg (SS 14) Hamburg
Hermes (WS 13) Haldensleben
Nordzucker (WS 13) Wanzleben


Year 2012/2013

Absthof (SS 13) Magdeburg
DHL (SS 13) Leipzig
BMW (SS 13) Leipzig
MAN (WS 12) Salzgitter
Ball packaging (WS 12) Hermsdorf


Year 2011/2012

BMW (SS 12) Leipzig
Euroglass (SS 12) Haldensleben
VW (WS 11) Wolfsburg
DHL (WS 11) Leipzig
Ball packaging (WS 11) Hermsdorf


Year 2010/2011

Hermes (SS 11) Haldensleben
DHL (SS 11) Leipzig
Absthof (SS 11) Magdeburg
BMW (WS 10) Leipzig
DHL (WS 10) Leipzig
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